Welcome to Office Tech-T!

I established this personal office, for information transmission and actual manufacturing support.

Once, I worked at Toyota Motor(Japan HQ) and Samsung(Korea HQ), as an engineer and a manager. In those days, I found the combination business approach, Toyota Production System with Samsung Way. This approach is the combination of Toyota Fine Style with Samsung High Speed Style.

Name Office Tech-T Corp.
Location Nagoya,Japan
Contact E-mail;
(change (at) to @)
ContentsCore Competances

1) Production Consulting
  On-site technical gaidance using TOYOTA production system,
SAMSUNG high speed way

2) Engineering Consulting
  Light weight technology, CFRP,resinification,,,
Polymer processing, development,improvment,technology transfar,,,
Universities research

3) Marketing Support
  For automobile industries, Chemical materials,Plastic parts etc.

4) Business Approch Education
  Finely TOYOTA production system with SAMSUNG high speed way


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